Thursday, September 4, 2014

Carrier Conversions

We're nearing the end of preloved wraps being converted... Here are some pics of the beauties that I've finished up lately.
This one is a Girasol Harvest with charcoal weft.  It's converted to a full buckle soft structured carrier with a sweatshirt hood featuring dino spikes.  It's actually mine.  It gets lots and lots of love from my nine month old and my three year old.  

This is a Girasol Zig Zag herringbone weave with creme weft. It's converted to a full buckle soft structured carrier with a hidden hood, zipped waist pocket, and suck pads.  It turned out so pretty!  The mama this belongs to loves the colors of one side more than the other, so I cut it in such a way as to feature those colors more than the rest.

Here it is with the hood opened and the suck pads attached.  So colorful!

Hood is snapped up.  See?  All blues/purples/pinks!

This is a KoKaDi Ahoi converted to a half buckle hybrid carrier with no hood.  The waist buckles like a structured carrier, but the top straps are wide like a wrap or mei tai.  I love the nautical theme.  
If you want a conversion like one of these, you have to hurry!  I only have two conversion slots left, and I don't know if there will be time to add any more!

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