Thursday, September 11, 2014

New Regulations

This post is a bummer...but I have to push through.
As of 9/29, the Consumer Protection Safety Commission will be enforcing new rules about soft baby carrier safety.  Some of these are good: all materials used are required to have lead and chemicals testing, and safety labeling is more standardized. Some are, in my opinion, less than ideal.  These are the ones that apply to small artisan makers.  There really won't be any room for variation in stock carriers or "made from scratch" i.e., canvas or linen carriers.  The design will have to be tested by an independent lab, which will drive up the cost of all structured carriers, industry wide.
The rules governing wrap conversions are extremely vague, and I haven't been able to get any kind of really clear instruction from the CPSC, so I'm going to proceed as follows.  After 9/29, Bambino Dolce will only be accepting brand new, with tags, unwashed and in the package wraps for conversion.  It's even better if you have it shipped directly from the retailer.  Conversions will be classified as aftermarket alterations to an existing carrier, and will have appropriate warning labels attached.  Rest assured that all of the materials I purchase for use in a carrier are safe and compliant with regulations.
This also may be a temporary arrangement.  The CPSC is going to begin considering testing rules about unstructured carriers, which includes wraps, ring slings, and Asian style carriers.  If mandatory testing passes, it will be devastating to small businesses that produce these products, and will all but end the production and sale of unique, handwoven wraps in the United States.  If this is something of importance to you, write the CPSC and let them know that you, the consumer, do not want increased regulation on these products!
I am, as always, committed to keeping my handmade carriers safe for their very precious cargo.  Thank you for understanding the new changes.  I love my customers.  You all are a pretty amazing bunch :)

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